We end March with a tip from CS GO, from the match between 100 Thives and MIBR, within the qualifications of the ESL Pro League Season 11 North America, a match that is scheduled to start at 23:00. More details, but and the prognosis offered, below.

100 Thieves: Team shape, news and statistics

100 Thieves started the qualifications well, starting with 2 wins and losing the last game, 0-2 with those from Liquid.
In the previous games, 100 Thieves gave up a map, imposing with the same score, 2-1.
100 Thieves ranks 8th in the world at the moment and has an average age of 24.9 years.
The line-up consists of Jks, AZR, Jkaem, Gratisfaction and Liazz. JKS is also the most fit player at the moment, with a kills of 0.70 and a deaths of 0.60 per round.
Justin Savage, on his full name is 24 and has been active since November 2019 in 100 Thieves.
I think the game will be a pretty tight one, but if you play the same as in the previous games, 100 Thieves may be required and take a serious option to finish even in the first 2 positions of the group.

MIBR: Team shape, news and statistics

At this time, MIBR disputes the match with Fury and is led by 0-1.
MIBR will play the third match of the group against the 100 Thieves and if it fails to return the fate of the match with Fury, then the chances of finishing on one of the first 4 places fall.
Sure, this match counts against 100 Thieves, but calculations are complicated now.
It is true that the MIBR gave in at least maps the match with Liquid and the Brazilian team will have to be even more careful in the match with 100 Thieves.
The direct matches are balanced and I think this match is open to any result. Okay, 100 Thieves is in better shape, but the match will be decided by details.
The line will also be kept in the game against the 100 Thieves and I expect Fer to be the team’s No.
1 weapon again. Now Fer cannot win a match by himself, so it will count the benefit of all teammates.
MIBR will fight in this match and I think the game will be more balanced than the paper calculations show.

⚪️Direct match statistics 100 Thieves vs MIBR

The two formations have met 16 times, and the report is on the part of those from MIBR, who lead by 8-6, while other 2 parties ended in equality. The last direct match was held in October last year.

Football Prediction of the Day 100 Thives vs MIBR

I think the match will be a closer one than the odds show and it is possible to have a winner decided on the map of 3. Now it is also the inspiration of the players at the time of the match, as well as the pragmatism of the 10 players at the key moments. There will also be a duel between JKS and Fer, but overall, 100 Thieves is the stronger team and they are going hand in hand. The odds are not high, but there is a chance of success!

Bet Tips: 100 Thieves wins the match

Odds: 1.40