Does VfB underpin the role of favorites for promotion to League 2?

⚪️2. Bundesliga promotion bets & odds

“The best 2nd league of all time” – almost every year you hear this slogan before the start of the season in the German House of Commons.
Whether he applies or not, there is a hot season ahead.
For the first time in a long time, there were three relegations and thus various favorites that come into focus for 2. Bundesliga promotion bets.

🔺2nd Bundesliga 2019/20
🔺VfB Stuttgart: 3.80
🔺Hamburger SV: 4.20
🔺1.FC Heidenheim: 60.0
🔺Holstein Kiel: 300.0

In addition, there are well-known clubs such as Karlsruher SC or VfL Osnabrück.
Then there are clubs such as Hamburger SV, who wants to make the return to the Oberhaus with Dieter Hecking, or FC Heidenheim, which has improved for years and, as always, may be underestimated by everyone.

In contrast to the previous season, in which 1. FC Köln was the big favorite for the promotion and in the end also did justice to these laurels, there is at least not this one blatant favorite in the 2019/20 season (even if VfB Stuttgart already has it Number 1 is). Many clubs are given chances and at least half the league can be trusted to have a say in the promotion places.

As a neutral fan, you can only be happy about such a starting position and there are 34 very exciting game days ahead. Every team can beat every other on a good day and boredom is therefore unlikely to arise. The starting shot was given at the end of July, three weeks before the start of League 1.

The betting base in the 2nd Bundesliga examines the chances for promotion bets with existing odds, which is of course quite daring. After all, who would have expected promoted SC Paderborn to advance to League 1 in the previous season?

⚪️2.Bundesliga 2019/20 promotion-favorites & favorites

VfB Stuttgart

🔺Best promotion rate: 1.35

VfB Stuttgart has already proven that the club can return immediately after a bitter relegation. The Swabians will do the same feat again this time to avert long-term financial damage from the club. In any case, the basic structure is in place.
With Thomas Hitzlsperger as the mediator between the fans and the board and coach Tim Walter, there is a very competent duo that has the strings in the club in hand and is supposed to bring peace and order again after years of chaos. Jürgen Klinsmann’s name, as another piece of the mosaic on the path to success in earlier days, keeps falling.
The squad is undoubtedly one of the best in league 2. Holger Badstuber, Gonzalo Castro, Daniel Didavi or Mario Gomez – all of these players clearly have Bundesliga format and have played internationally at a high level for many years. No wonder that in addition to the mood of optimism in the fan camp there is of course a high level of expectation, which can also become a problem.
The fans will not be patient if it does not work for a few weeks. It is therefore particularly important for the red-whites that they start the season well, settle in from the start and, in the best case, even set themselves apart from the competition.
Then the club from the country should be unstoppable on the return to the Oberhaus and therefore in the 2nd Bundesliga promotion bets at narrow odds on VfB Stuttgart are a logical conclusion.

Hamburger SV

🔺Best odds on the championship title: 4.20

The former Bundesliga dino is breaking new ground to finally get back on its feet after many years in chaos.
The stadium clock was dismantled, the club anthem “Hamburg Meine Perle” abolished before the home games – drastic measures in a drastic situation.
A second year of the 2nd league was not planned for the Hanseatic League, a third year would be a disaster.
Last season, some coaches, and ultimately the players, failed because of this great pressure.
With Dieter Hecking, the HSV now supposedly has just the right man on the sidelines who is supposed to steer the swaying ship back into calm waters.
The potential is still there and if those responsible finally manage to pull together, then the return to the Bundesliga should also succeed. Hamburg is not a favorite for a tip on the newcomer, but the Germans from the Elbe will have a say in the fight for the top 3.

⚪️Betting, the HSV still does not rise?

▪️2.Bundesliga 2019/20 – further favorites

FC Nürnberg

🔺Best odds for promotion to the Bundesliga: 750.00

Of course, the elevator team par excellence in professional German football, 1. FC Nürnberg, is of course also one of the favorites for promotion in the second division before the start of the season – with interesting betting odds. With Damir Canadi, the club trusts a new man on the coaching bench who is to bring a breath of fresh air to the team.
The fact that the scaffolding in the team with Christian Mathenia, Georg Margreitter, captain Hanno Behrens and Mikael Ishak remains is clearly a great advantage for the Franks.
However, it was clearly felt last season that this squad simply lacked the resources in terms of football in the Oberhaus. Clearly, League 2 is more about virtues like combat, commitment and willingness to run. Nevertheless, the lack of an individual class compared to HSV, Stuttgart or Hanover can become a problem for the FCN.
We fear for all club fans that the elevator will stand still this year and that in the 2nd Bundesliga promotion bets will not be successful despite high odds on Nuremberg.

Hannover 96

🔺Best odds on the championship title: 400.00

Is a tip on the potential Bundesliga promoted Hannover 96 a good idea? This question will probably be answered in the first few weeks of the new season.
It is precisely there that the Lower Saxony have to cope with a rock-hard program. Stuttgart, Hamburg, Bielefeld, Kiel and Nuremberg – actually all the other aspirants for the ascent face the 96s on the first eight match days and it will soon become clear whether the Hanoverians have what it takes to go straight back up.
The example of FC Ingolstadt last season, which was also one of the top clubs and made a complete false start, shows that the path can quickly go in the other direction.
In contrast to VfB Stuttgart, the Lower Saxony does not have quite as strong a squad, although some stars like Ron-Robert Zieler, Waldemar Anton, Matthias Ostrzolek, Marvin Bakalorz or Marvin Ducksch already bring a lot of quality with them. Another advantage is the old acquaintance on the coaching bench.
Mirko Slomka returns to his heart club and knows how to deal with the environment in Hanover. If the rock-hard start to the season is to some extent survived, then the 96s in the upper third of the table can be expected.
All in all, we would rather advise against betting on a promotion from Hannover 96 in the 2nd Bundesliga. If our readers have a different opinion, you can, for example, take a tip on promotion at Interwetten.

⚪️Overview of all top teams in the 2nd Bundesliga of the 2019/20 season

As a relegation club is almost inevitably traded as a favorite for promotion. This is also the case for all three clubs. The bookmakers’ odds confirm this impression and the top 4 teams include all three relegated teams from Stuttgart, Nuremberg and Hanover.

VfB in particular is considered a top candidate for an immediate return to the House of Lords. The squad and the whole environment of the Swabians are clearly worthy of the first division and after the bitter relegation in the relegation against Union Berlin, there are many indications that the country will return immediately, as it did last time. Things are a little more difficult with Hannover 96 and 1. FC Nürnberg.
Both clubs have to compensate for painful departures and only find themselves again – even with a new coach. Only if all cogs mesh quickly can the 96s establish themselves in the upper third of the table. Lower Saxony is more likely to fear that after many years in chaos, to which the dispute between the club and President Martin Kind also contributed because of the 50 + 1 rule, a quick return to the House of Lords will only remain a dream.
The situation is similar for elevator club number 1 from Franconia. The club from Nuremberg also has at most one better second division squad and has to stretch if the top 3 are to be targeted, so that in the 2nd Bundesliga promotion bets on the FCN tend not to be the focus.
At the top of the list of non-relegated players must be HSV, which is even classified as the number 2 favorite among bookmakers’ odds according to VfB Stuttgart. However, the past few years have shown that the demands and reality in the Hanseatic city are not infrequently divergent.

⚪️Conclusion – 2nd Bundesliga 2019/20 promotion bets

In conclusion, it should be noted that once again a lot is possible in this unpredictable league and more than a handful of clubs have the opportunity to achieve promotion in the 2nd Bundesliga. VfB Stuttgart is rightly considered a top favorite for betting.
Behind it is an exciting fight between some clubs. The HSV probably has the best prerequisites, but must finally ensure peace in its own ranks. Only then can the Hanseatic people celebrate their return to the upper house.

It will be difficult for the other two relegated teams Hanover and Nuremberg, which we do not necessarily see in the top 3 in the final table. We could rather imagine Frank Schmidt crowning the fairy tale with his FC Heidenheim after more than a decade. Holstein Kiel should also not be underestimated. In a good three quarters of a year we will all be smarter and will see which forecast for 2nd league favorites was ultimately correct.
Until then, the millions of football fans in Germany can look forward to 34 exciting and entertaining game days and the betting base will keep all readers up to date as usual.

2nd league final table 2020 Tip:

▪️1st place: VfB Stuttgart
▪️2nd place: 1. FC Heidenheim
▪️3rd place: Hamburger SV