FC Nürnberg vs Bayer Leverkusen Free Betting Tips 03/12

FC Nürnberg vs Bayer Leverkusen Betting Tips

Leverkusen looked good last weekend and saved almost all the starters in Thursday’s EL. Oprykker Nürnberg is generally a toothless promotion. Has been ok defensive at home, but in this game weakened the goalkeeper post and on the backs.
It speaks forLeverkusen won 2-0 home over Stuttgart last weekend.
In the Bundesliga away team, Die Werkself is 2-1-0 in the last 4 matches (in addition, Gladbach wins a big win in the trophy). Including 6-2 victory in Bremen.
As the 1/16 final ticket is secured, Leverkusen could save almost all the starters in Thursday’s EL group match (1-1 home against Ludogorets).
Including class offensive Bellarabi, Havertz, Brandt & Volland. The latter attacker scored 2 last weekend.
Nürnberg is 16th win / last 6 rounds; 4 losses including last 2: 0-2 home against Stuttgart and 2-5 losses at Schalke. 0-1-2 (2-6) in the last 3 home matches.
The oppressor team is the league closest to the team to arrive at a goal within the target frame. And have closed most goals by all (*).
Nürnberg goalkeeper Mathenia is new absence. Enough to Bredlow: 7 matches / 16 goals against before settled in Oct + 3 goals against after last change.
Also missing: backs Bauer (new absence) and Valentini (since 20/10), as well as midfielder Löwen (20/10).

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Nuremberg has been a lot better home (though affordable resistance) than outside.
2-2-2 (8-7) home where it offensively looks heavy, but defensively generally has been ok.
Der Club – the oprycker club with the fine, though attended traditions – typically gets good support on the lags; Like out of stock (50,000).
Last season’s number 5 Leverkusen is disappointing only number 12 this season (especially due to heavy season start with 3 defeats in a row).
Last week’s game was lost in Leipzig (however, Bellarabi was missing and there was enough fatigue after EL round a few days before).
The big Leverkusen center defender Tah must be over because of the flu. Ok alternatives in Dragovic, for example, but give less main strength.
Damaged again: Defends Retsos who made Leverkusen-comeback by 34 min Thursday after injury break since May.
Forecast: about 10 degrees and rain.A little more about Nuremberg’s closing statistics: At home, the team is third in the goal of reaching tests within the target frame, but only for the last nine years to allow close-up trials.

Bet Tips: Bayer Leverkusen wins

Odds: 1.80

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