Barcelona vs Real Madrid Betting Tips 06.05.2018

Barcelona vs Real Madrid Soccer Prediction Today


There are no questions regarding the merits of Barcelona’s conquest. The team accumulated 86 points in 34 matches. There were 26 wins and eight draws. It also presents the best attack of the tournament, with 87 goals scored, and the second defense less leaked, with 18 goals. Only Atletico Madrid (18) with their wall will overcome them in this aspect.
Barca also secured the national ‘double’ by taking the Copa del Rey Cup by beating Sevilla 5-0 in the decision. So, as Europeans often say, it’s just missing the icing on the cake.
Coach Ernesto Valverde Tejedor, who is in his first season at the club, has all the tools available to maintain his unbeaten record on Sunday. He had the week off for training with all the top players in shape. Thus, you can climb the team that considers the ideal.

Real Madrid

Real did not have that privilege. There was a disputed game against Bayern Munich in the Spanish capital on Tuesday, May 1st. It secured the tie by 2 to 2 and guaranteed its participation for the third consecutive time in the decision of the Champions League of Europe.
Winner of the last two editions of the tournament and UCL leader Uefa Champions League, with 12 wins, Real Madrid could avoid further injury to their top athletes thanks to their relatively comfortable position in the Spanish Championship. With 71 points (21 wins, 8 draws and 5 losses) he is in third place and will not lose him. The advantage in the comparison with Valencia, fourth place, is four points.
However, this hypothesis ends up being discarded when the agenda establishes “El Clasico” as the next commitment. In this way, coach Zinedine Zidane will also climb the best team available.The coach, however, has two incumbents handed over to the medical department. Daniel Cavajal (24 games in the Spanish 2017/2018 Championship, without a goal) and Isco (28 games, six goals) are in the process of injury recovery. They must undergo further tests, but the expectation is that they will not be released for the game.

Soccer Prediction of the Day Barcelona vs Real Madrid

The lack of aim of the Bayern Munich players was more responsible for the progress of Real Madrid in the Champions League than the performance of the Spanish team. The Germans were better both in the first leg (they lost by 2 to 1) when on lap (2 to 2). However, they failed to turn the good performance into more balls in the net.
Although Real Madrid will not be presenting quality football in national matches, it was the first time in the tournament that it considered more important that they had performances cleared in two consecutive matches.
It is even more difficult to believe that poor performance is repeated in three consecutive games. Motivated by their attempt to break Barcelona’s unbeaten LaLiga series, players must face this Sunday’s classic as a decision.

Prediction Today: Real

Odds: 4.20

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