Here is the start of a new season in the Jupiler League, and this afternoon at 17:30 we have the first confrontation of the champion Club Brugge that receives the visit of Charleroi.

Club Brugge

▪️Clement’s team was the second seed after the end of the regular season, even if the play-off was not played due to the pandemic.
▪️However, the difference in points was huge between the champion and the rest of the teams, so the title was fully deserved.
▪️The team from Bruges started the preparations for the new season in July, and at the beginning of August it had the final of the Belgian Cup.
▪️Unfortunately, Club Brugge did not know how to manage the match against Antwerp, thus losing the final in an unexpected way, score 1-0.


▪️Finished the regular season in 3rd place, just one point away from the UCL qualifiers.
▪️Thus, the team coached by Belhocine must be satisfied only with the presence in UEL, being still a very high performance for Charleroi.
▪️The guests started the training at the beginning of July, and since then and until now they have registered no less than 9 friendly matches.
▪️In these games he managed to tick 4 victories, 2 defeats, and 3 draws.
▪️Among the important teams are: St. Etienne, Metz and Anderlecht, and no longer with the latter he managed to check the success.

Football Prediction of the Day Club Brugge vs Charleroi

Even if he didn’t show the best football in the Belgian Cup final, I think the start of the season will be a happy one for the champion.
Club Brugge suffered a lot in the first half of the cup, but the way it manifested itself in the second one I think can be the element it will cling to that evening.
Charleroi is at the debut in the official matches after more than 5 months and I think they will feel a slight fear, and especially on the champion’s field things will not be simple at all.
After losing the trophy, I think that the champion team was put in a session due to the rather weak game it played, and I don’t think it can afford an equally weak start to the season.
So, a certain soloist tonight on the champion team.

Prediction Today: 1 soloist
Odds: 1.55