Corinthians – Coritiba, a match scheduled for Thursday, at 3.30, in the 4th stage of the Brazilian championship, on the Corinthians arena in Sao Paulo, has the favorite of the host team.
Corinthians is an important team from Brazil, winner of the title a few years ago, but which started poorly this season.
The guests, newly promoted, are in an even bigger crisis, with zero points and no goal scored after the first three stages in Serie A.
The match will be played without spectators due to the coronavirus epidemic.
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Corinthians: Team shape, news and statistics

Corinthians (17th place, 1 point, 2-3 goal difference) had a below-average start in the championship, after the results from the Paulista championship were convincing.
The resumption of the season, on July 23, brought the Sao Paulo team 4 wins in a row and a draw in the Paulista regional competition, including a 1-0 at home and 0-0 away with Palmeiras.
Then, in the eliminatory phases, followed a defeat after extra time with the same Palmeiras (score 1-1 after 90 minutes and 1-2 final).
The start of the season in Serie A was steep, with away matches against heavy opponents, with pretensions: 2-3 at Atletico Mineiro (the current leader) and 0-0 at Gremio Porto Alegre.
Corinthians is a demanding team, traditionally having major goals in the championship. The current place, 17, is considered intolerable, so it is expected that, in front of a first modest opponent, especially on their own field, to force the victory – even if the spectators will be missing from the stands.
The hosts have three players missing, all injured: Boselli, Carlos Augusto and Fagner.

Coritiba: Team form, news and statistics

Coritiba (20th place, 0 points, 0-3 goal difference) seems to have been promoted to Serie A before she was fully prepared.
A series of victories in the Paranaense championship – 4 in a row between July 19 and July 30 – with the modest Parana and Cianorte seemed to give hope.
But the first serious matches showed that the required value level has not yet been reached.
The eliminatory games of the regional championship were lost first, 0-1 and 1-2 with Athletico Paranaense, then Serie A started.
The first games of this competition were a fiasco: 0 points, 0 goals scored.
It was 0-1 at home to Internacional Porto Alegre, 0-1 away to Bahia, 0-1 at home to Flamengo Rio de Janeiro.
Now comes another big hop, the trip to the pretentious Corinthians, also in crisis and desperate to get their first victory this season.
The list of players who cannot be used is unexpectedly long for a team that has just started the championship.
Augusto, Gabriel, Giovanni, Lopez, Otavio, Patrick, Rafinha and Sales are injured, central midfielder Rene Junior took the last stage red and is now suspended.

⚽️Statistics of direct matches Corinthians vs Coritiba

▪️Because the guests have been in Serie B for the last two years, the two teams have not met since 2017.
▪️In that season’s championship, Corinthians made it 0-0 at Coritiba and won at home, 3-1.
▪️In 2015 and 2016, Corinthians also took 4 points out of 6, with identical scores: 2-1 at home, 1-1 away.
▪️In total, 27 matches have been played between the current opponents.
▪️Corinthians won 15 times, Coritiba 3 times, it was 9 times.

Football Prediction of the Day Corinthians vs Coritiba

Corinthians will not be left without a victory in the championship, and now is a good time to break the ice this season.
It should be noted that the team from Sao Paulo met on the road, in the first two stages, very strong teams, the results being limited.
By contrast, the newly promoted Coritiba comes without experience and aplomb, after 5 consecutive defeats (in 4 he did not score a goal), of which the last three in the championship.

Bet Tips: Corinthians win
Odds: 1.72