Honduras vs Chile Free Betting Tips 11.09.2019

Another match that will be played at 4:30 pm is Honduras and Chile. See below the details that I think will help you in choosing a prognosis.


Like some kind of Copa America, the Americans also have a trophy of their own, called the Gold Cup, and that Honduras only dreamed of this year, finishing in the last place the group that belonged to Jamaica, Curacao and He Salvador. Coito selector has nothing to choose from for a better performance, and the results are expected to be poor.
A few days ago he played a friendly against Puerto Rico, won 4-0, at the end of a match in which Bengueche scored a double. The only prolific player in this lot is the striker Rubio who plays in Portugal at Tondela.


Nothing brings new to this selected one who is facing problems for some time now. If before he managed to impress pleasantly in front of opponents like Argentina and Brazil, he now loses against some like Peru and Ecuador. Rueda’s team lost in the semifinals to the Copa America in front of the Peruvians, thus leaving with his head left at the end of a pretty good tournament. Unfortunately, their lot leaves much to be desired, and the stars are no longer such stars.
The Chileans, Vargas and Sanchez, however, have a back age, and at this moment they do not have the same breath as in the past to help the team more. With the score of 0-0 they drew in the friendly played recently in front of Argentina.

⚽ Direct meetings

Five direct meetings for the two selected, but the most representative is that of 2018 at the end of a friendly match, where Chile prevailed with 4-1.

⚽ What is the form of the teams in the last 5 matches?
  • Honduras
  • Last result: 4-0 vs Puerto Rico (a)
  • Shape: W W L L L

Honduras forms a rather modest national compared to Chile. The team quickly left the Gold Cup, still in the group stage, being outclassed by other nationals of the same level, such as Jamaica or Curacao.
However, he beat El Salvador badly, so we can say that Honduras is showing its teeth from time to time.
Moreover, since then he has played a friendly with Puerto Rico, which he has won as categorically.

  • Chile
  • Last result: 0-0 vs Argentina (a)
  • Shape: D L L D L

On the other hand, Chile is a much bigger team, winning the Copa America over the last decade. Even so, at this year’s edition, Chile did not shine.
Even so, the team reached the semifinals stage, where it gave way to the front of an equally injured Argentina, score 2-1.
Since then, Chile has played a friendly match, with none other than the same Argentina, in whose company managed only a white draw.

⚽ News, analysis, statistics and progress on the 2 teams.

▪️Comes after 2 consecutive victories, both with the same score, 4-0.
▪️Has scored in 7 of the last 10 matches.
▪️In 4 of the last 5 games she has played, she has scored over 2.5 goals.
▪️Has lost the last 2 matches with Chile.
▪️Has received 2+ goals from Chile in 3 of the last 5 meetings with Chile.
▪️Neither of the last 5 matches has won in regular time.
▪️He finished 4 of the last 5 games without scoring
▪️In 3 of the last 5 matches played by her have scored SUB 1.5 goals.
▪️Has won only one of the last 6 trips.
▪️He finished only one match of the last 5 with Honduras without scoring.

Football Prediction of the Day Honduras vs Chile

La Roja has been struggling for the last few games, and definitely the level of opponents they have had to take on during this stretch is a reason for their barren run. In that regards, Honduras is a lighter rival, and we can expect the Chileans to make a huge statement with this tie.Take into account the fact that Fabian Coito’s men had finished last in the initial group stage of their Gold Cup campaign, whereas their opposite number a major player in the Latin American region, and a usual suspect to lift the title in the continental championship of their confederation. Also, note that CONMEBOL is miles ahead in quality over CONCACAF.Moreover, Gary Medel’s men won the previous two clashes against this opponent and had scored four goals in the recent such tie.

Bet Tips: Chile
Odds: 1.86


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