Mainz 05 vs Borussia M’gladbach Free Betting Tips 09.03.2019

Mainz 05 – Borussia M’gladbach / Bundesliga – It’s common for Mainz and Borussia that they have been in bad shape lately and have made their last win against Schalke. The difference is that Mainz did it before two rounds, which ended a series of three defeats. Borussia bundled four matches in which they did not celebrate, of which there are three and this is a convincing defeat, so it is clear they are far from the releases that have been shown for much of the season. In the first part of the championship Borussia celebrated with 4: 0.

Mainz 05

Excellent Mainz started the second part of the season and recorded two tied victories, then they got into trouble and were repeatedly defeated three times. They broke up for a short time, because they had defeated Schalke before two rounds before losing in the last round. So, they still have not played a draw in the second part of the championship, and the most important thing is that they are on the beautiful 11 points more than the relegation zone. This season there have been no major oscillations when the placement is in question and have been in the lower part of the table for a long time, but never too close to the dropout zone.They do not receive too many goals this season, with three linked defeats in the defense. They received as many as 11 goals in these games, and most of them home-made against Bayer when they lost 5: 1. They beat Scahalke 3-0, in the last round to take Herta to Berlin and then lose 2-1. In relation to this match, coach Schwarz will make several changes in the team, in all team lines.

Probable starting lineup of Mainz: F.Muller – Brosinski, Bell, Niakhate, Aaron – Kunde – Gbamin, Latza – Boetius – Mateta, Onisiwo

Borussia M’gladbach

Borussia could not be able to play as good as the end of the season, as they really played for most of the championship. In the first part of the season they were excellent and they were even above Bayern, more precisely in the second place. They started off well and the other part of the championship so they scored three victories, two of them on difficult tournaments in Leverkusen and Gelsenkirchen. It could not be assumed that just after that triumph with 2: 0, the negative series will continue.Four rounds were not celebrated, and they were defeated three times, and every time on the home court. Prior to that they had a maximum of nine victories in their field, with only three goals scored, so that they would capitulate 11 times in those three matches. Hertha and Wolfsburg won them 3-0, and Bayern beat them in the last round with 5: 1. There are no major problems with the players’ absence, but Hecking coach is now expected to reach for the changes and jumps of F.Johnson, Strobl, Zakaria and Herrmann.

Probable starting lineup Borussie M’gladbach: Sommer – F.Johnsnon, Ginter, Elvedi, Wendt – Strobl – Zakaria, Hofmann – Herrmann, Stindl, T.Hazard

Football Prediction of the Day Mainz 05 vs Borussia M’gladbach

Mainz and Borussia play as badly and especially in some matches badly looked defensive. We believe that now they want to fix this segment of the game first and we do not expect that some of the teams are seriously attacking. That’s why we forecast that there will be few goals in Mainz.

Bet Tips: under 3 goals

Odds: 1.65

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