Malmö FF vs Vidi FC Champions League Predictions

Malmö FF chases a good result in qualifying for the Champions League, when Hungarian Vidi FC attends Stadium in Malmö on Tuesday evening for the first meeting.
On Wednesday last week, Malmö FF played his last match and then proceeded to the third qualifier in the Champions League qualifier by playing 1-1 home against Romanian Cluj. 1-0 on the runway in the first meeting made a draw at home.

Champions League Predictions

After that, the scores have been spelled and, according to reports, the team took 2.5 days of leave and rested after the advancement, thereby recharging the batteries, both physically and mentally. During the weekend, Malmö FF has done a couple of training sessions and could fully focus on Tuesday’s meeting with Hungarian Vidi FC at the Stadium.

This is the third qualifying round and now Malmö FF opens the double meeting at home. It is therefore extremely important to get as good a result as possible down to Hungary where the return meeting will be played. According to Uefaranken , the Vidi FC, which is now awaiting MFF, is clearly worse than Cluj. It should be said that the chances are very good to move on.

At the game companies, a Scottish advance is as low as 1.18 times the Ohmbet sauce. That says a lot.

Expect intensive pressure Malmö FF vs Vidi FC

Once at home at the first meeting, Malmö FF learns to do everything to put pressure and push down its guests from the very first moment. What was the problem at home against Cluj, where Malmö FF had a lead from the first meeting to defend, was that the scouts were often a bit too passive and did not go to win so clearly.

It will not be at home against Vidi FC. Here, Malmö FF learns to go stone-hard for the profit and thus get a good starting position before the return next Tuesday. Vidi FC has also been spelled this weekend and comes to Malmö with rested legs, but considering that Malmö FF met teams like Sparta Prague and Red Bull Salzburg in their last visit to the third CL qualifying round, the kids must be seen as an overcome resistance .

MFF sets up with the best possible team and has no damage or shutdowns to worry about. We expect the skates to take the command directly and push down their guests.

Malmö FF vs Vidi FC betting tip

Malmö FF -3 corners are therefore played to 1.89 times
Game Tips: Malmö FF -3 corners
Odds: 1.89 (Compare all odds)
Company: Unibet
Top Games: 19:15, Tuesday 7/8

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