OM – Brest, match scheduled on Friday, from 9.45 pm, in the 15th stage of the French championship, could consolidate the second position of the hosts in the standings. Of the two formations, only Marseille has a strong motivation, taking advantage of the conjuncture and the good form to take over the second place that goes directly into the Champions League groups. The newly promoted guests are very good in the standings and at the moment they do not care about relegation.

Marseille: Team shape, news and statistics

◾️Olympique Marseille (2nd place, 25 points, 18-17 goalscorer) does not perform much better than last season, but is now in second place and has a great chance to consolidate his position if he manages to take all three points with Brest.
◾️The situation is favorable for OM, because the main contenders for the second position, Lyon and Lille, are now in the middle of the standings, and the follow-up of the situation, Angers, Bordeaux and St. Etienne, play this stage away.
◾️The Marseille team started the season poorly, losing 0-4 now 4 stages to the PSG leader, but then he recovered and scored 3 consecutive victories with formidable opponents: 2-1 with Lille, 2-0 with Lyon ( both at home), 2-0 with Toulouse (away).
◾️OM does not win spectacular matches or score, but still manages to score points and that matters. At home he has played 7 stages so far, recording 4 wins, two draws and one defeat, with a 9-6 goal.
◾️OM may not be able to count on this game the important Thauvin, injured. Also, neither the Khaoui reserve will be eligible.

Brest: Team shape, news and statistics

◾️Brest (13th place, 18 points, 15-17 goalscoring) is a newly promoted who has managed so far honorably, proving to be a tough opponent to defeat. He has only 4 defeats in 14 stages, but also only 4 wins. The team in Brittany is quite dangerous and unpredictable. However, so far he has only managed two draws with the top teams, 1-1 at St. Etienne (second stage) and 2-2 at home with Lyon (7th stage).
◾️Moving, things went less well for Brest. The only victory was somewhat unexpected, 1-0 to another surprise, Angers, the team that now ranks 3. In the rest, two draws (1-1 at St. Etienne, 2-2 at Bordeaux) and 3 defeats: 0- 3 the Nimes, 1-4 the Monaco, 0-1 the Amiens.
◾️Guests come without a long line of unavailable players (some of them, important to the team): Battochhio is ill, Belkebla, Court, Lasne and Mayi are injured.

Football Predictiction of the Day Marseille vs Brest

Olympique Marseille comes after three victories in a row, two of them with strong teams (Lille and Lyon), in shape and pulling to consolidate their second position in the standings. Brest, newly promoted, lacks several important players and in the last three stages has managed a single point. We bet on this game the victory of the hosts.

Bet Tips: Marseille wins
Odds: 1.47