Having reached the last position in the group H, after being defeated on Friday by the Andorran team, Moldova receives in the match with the number 8 of the groups, the visit of the selected Albania, one who missed the qualification for the final tournament.


▪️She is the last in the classification of Group H qualifying at Euro 2020, having only 3 points, managing to score only 2 goals in 7 games.
▪️She scored no less than 18 goals in this group, here being the difference between her and Andorra, the two teams winning their duel directly from their own field.
▪️Comes after the defeat in Andorra, score 1: 0, a game that evolved in numerical inferiority since the 55th minute, after the elimination of Radu Ginsari, the hosts scoring from the only corner they had in that game, according to IPN.
▪️According to the same sources, Carp, Cociuc and Ambros refused to honor the convocation for the two games.



▪️He is in the 4th position in this group, having no chance to qualify for the final tournament, having 9 points in 7 games.
▪️He has 3 wins and 4 defeats in this group, wins with Andorra, Moldova and Iceland.
▪️Comes after a defeat with Turkey, score 1: 0, match lost in the 90th minute, when Strakosha goalkeeper left inopportune out of the gate, leaving the door empty in front of Turkish striker Tosun.
▪️No less than 6 players saw the yellow card in the game in Turkey, none of them being suspended for this match.

⚽️Direct meetings

▪️In the game from Elbasani, Albania won with a score of 2: 0, Cikalleshi and Ramadani scoring goals in that game.

⚽️What is the form of the teams in the last 5 matches?
  • Moldavia
  • Last result: 0-1 in Andorra
  • Shape: L L L L W

▫️Moldova and Albania play in Chisinau in the eighth round of the Euro 2020 preliminaries.
▫️In Group H, the Moldovans are in last place, with three points, on a par with Andorra – both have a victory and six defeats.
▫️Moldova only won at home with Andorra, score 1-0, the same with which it gave back, even the last match.

  • Albania
  • Last result: 0-1 in Turkey
  • Shape: L W L W L

▫️Albania is 4 out of 6 with no chance of qualifying – it has nine points, below Iceland (12), France and Turkey (both with 18).
▫️In the preliminaries, Albania perfectly combined the losses (four in number) with the victories (three).
▫️The trips were disappointing, three defeats out of four and only one success in Andorra, 3-0.

⚽️News, analysis, statistics and progress on the 2 teams.

▪️In the rest, the Moldovans lost 1-4 to France, 0-4 to Turkey, 0-2 to Albania and 0-3 to Iceland.
▪️The team has scored four goals without a goal.
▪️Moldova concludes the preliminaries in France and at home with Iceland.
▪️In four meetings with Albania he has a draw and three defeats. .
▪️Three out of four matches with the Albanians were NG.
▪️Otherwise, the Albanians lost 0-1 in Iceland and Turkey and 1-4 in France.
▪️The team comes after the failure at the boundary of Istanbul, where they held 0-0 until the last minute.
▪️Albania drew points at home, 2-0 with Moldova and 4-2 with Iceland, and 0-2 with Turkey.
▪️The preliminaries conclude them with two matches on their own field, with Andorra and France.
▪️Albania has not played in ten matches, and Moldova has eight.

Football Prediction of the Day Moldova vs Albania

If the national of Albania is one that is respected, it will be imposed in this game, meeting a selected one, one that has begun to be rejected by several players, including Carp, Cociuc and Ambros and one that will not be able to. base in this game not even Radu Ginsari, who is suspended.
In fact, Moldova has looked disastrous in this qualifying campaign, being selected without any organization, one in which each player does what he wants, even receiving 18 goals in the 7 games, without playing in Paris, receiving 4 goals at home in France and Turkey.
On the other hand, Albania is an organized team, one that should have no problems in front of Moldova and which has a neutral goal after 7 games, 10 goals scored and 10 goals received, one very good, which promises that the Albanians will register in Chisinau .

Bet Tips: Albania
Odds: 1.90