Montreal Impact vs Los Angeles FC Soccer Prediction Today

LAFC has shown that they are strong enough to beat all teams in MLS. They are still an untrained and unstable team, but Montreal does not seem to have the qualities; has been poor in this season.

LAFC has the qualities to beat all teams in MLS, their offensive forces certainly weigh up for defensive deficiencies.
They are really good at a Montreal crew who does not seem to be able to punish LAFC aggressively in the same way as LA Galaxy and Atlanta could.
Montreal has been bad this season. 2-0-4 with 6:12 in goal scorer it has become.
The 2 victories are misleading. A 0-1 victory over Seattle, who got red in the first half, and a 1-0 win over Toronto, who has been fully focused on CONCAF.
Montreal has not been able to find himself fit in the defensive because of injuries and missions they must have found the right center defense pair. (*)
LAFC is now used to play away from home as they start the season with 5 in a row. They have gone 3-0-2 with a goal scorer at 11:10.
Despite the fact that LAFC is an expansion team, they seem to play for players to be better than Montreal.

It’s the longest outing for Los Angeles FC, but they’ve got 7 days from their last game to get ready.
Montreal is a routine team with a trained coach in Remi Garde. Among other things, the 10th Piatti still has plenty to offer.
LAFC was exhibited at Atlanta United, who played LAFC out of the field. Here their defensive deficiencies were utilized.
The local show against Los Angeles Galaxy also showed that LAFC still lacks routine, they were ahead of 0-3 and threw it all away despite a clear takeover.
Much of the defensive depends on Laurent Ciman, who often has to go first and show the way.
Saphir Taider returns to the midfield after he left quarantine most recently against NYRB.

Soccer Prediction of the Day Montreal Impact vs Los Angeles FC


Last year was a difficult game for Montreal, which at no time looked like a team that could fight for the play-off seats. Looking at their 34 matches last season, they actually overpowered despite their poor results. Spread over the 34 games, they were rated at 1.06 xGF / g, but scored an average of 1.53. Well helped on the way of several genius actions of Piatti.
This year, they have also come terribly awful until the season when looking at games and underlying states. The game has looked idle and creativity poor, resulting in a rating of 0.88 xGF / g and an xGA / g of 1.73. The reasons for this can be many, but one of them may be that Ignacio Piatti, who has been a bearer for several years, can not bear the team alone. Young Vargas has come from South America, but is not enough. In addition, he missed offensive skill Dzemaili this season, standing for 7 goals and 10 assists last season. Instead, Saphir Taider has arrived, a young Bologna midfielder who is skilled. However, he is not on par with Dzemaili and often loses his head. Looking back at the 15/16 season, the difference is enough in the age. It simply has not been possible to replace the load-bearing forces from that time, with the same quality.

Los Angeles

The new “Expansion Team” from Los Angeles, may be one of the most entertaining teams to watch this year. The team ruled by the American coach legend Bob Bradley, has so much speed and creativity in the offensive that they have the opportunity to beat all teams.
Carlos Vela looks like the best player in MLS this year, he has been absolutely terrific in the first matches and does virtually what suits him. Diei Rossi, there were not many who had heard of before the season, but he has proven to be one of the greatest talent in MLS. He is constantly on the go and always takes the right race for Vela. A well-trained tribe, Bob Bradley also made sure to pick up Beitashour, Felihaber and not least Ciman. Especially Ciman is important as he is absolutely essential for defensive in Los Angeles FC. Exactly the defensive duties are LAFC’s worst enemy. They do not yet have the routine yet to know when they are going to hit the pedal and when they need to pull the pace out. It has been the most forward forwards and forwards.

Prediction Today: Montreal

Odds: 2.25