Betting Tips Norrkoping vs St. Patricks – The Swedes have managed to make a 2-0 away tournament and are a great favorite in the next round. Read the entire article to find out my tip.

1. Latest information before Norrkoping vs St. Patricks!

It is in full championship and it was seen because the players were at maximum capacity and so it was imposed on the tour with 2-0.
Even though he played away, he dominated the game from the beginning to the end with 59% possession, 21 goals and 6 sutures on the goal.
He still had some emotions, because at the break the score was 0-0, despite the great opportunities he had.
In the championship he did not do well because in 16 rounds he collected only 24 points and is thus 7th.
What’s worrying is that until now he played better on the move than on his own.
According to midfielder Alexander Jacobsen has returned to training, but I do not think he will be used.

St. Patricks

Even though he played in front of his supporters in the tour, he did not even manage to score.
More worrying is that it was definitely dominated by Norrkoping in all chapters and had only a hundred on the gate space.
One positive thing is that it is in full championship and so players are 100% physically ready.
However, in 25 rounds of the Premier Division he managed to get only 37 points and is thus 5th.
From a defensive point of view, he did well for winning only 22 goals but disappointed in the offensive compartment.
According to, central defender David Webster is uncertain and he does not know if he will make the move.

2. Norrkoping vs St. Patricks probable teams!
  • Norrkoping (3-4-3): Pettersson – Dagerstal, Larsen, Lauritsen – Gerson, Fransson, Thorarinsson, Skrabb – Larsson, Nyman, Thern.
    St. Patricks (4-4-2): Clarke – Bermingham, Toner, Desmond, Kelly – Coleman, Lennon, Clifford, Madden – Shaw, Drennan.
3. Information about the last direct duels Norrkoping vs St. Patricks.

Matching the tour is the only direct match between the two bands.
Norrkoping managed to score 2-0 away, in a definitely dominated match.

Football Prediction of the Day Norrkoping vs St. Patricks

Norrkoping was 2-0 away, but this does not give him the certainty of coming into the next vase.
Both bands are in a fairly inconsistent form, none of them have drawn in the last 5 games.
I’m convinced the Swedish coach will send the best 11 in the field so he will not have a surprise.
If Norrkoping managed to register twice in Ireland, I’m convinced that they have the power to do this on their own.
St. Patricks was on the tour, but he is one of the best teams in Ireland and it would be no surprise if he was on the move.
In 4 of the last 5 matches of Norrkoping have scored at least 2 goals, the same thing happening in 4 of the last 5 games of the Irish.
Given these things, I think there are chances to score between 2 and 4 goals in this meeting.

Bet Tips: Norrkoping 
Odds: 1.20