Seeking to stay alive in the fight for a place in the Euro 2020 finals, the Norway squad welcome the Malta squad this Thursday, September 5, at the Ullevål stadium in Oslo. The meeting, which is scheduled to start at 3:45 pm EDT, is part of the schedule of the fifth of the ten qualifying rounds scheduled for competition.The teams are in group F, which has the lead shot in the lead. The Fury has accumulated the 12 possible points in the first four rounds and will hardly miss the first of the reserved slots. The second, however, remains open. The runner-up is split between Swedes and Romanians with seven points. The Norwegians, with five, are in the glue occupying the fourth place. Malta, with three points, occupies fifth place. The flashlight is from the Faroe Islands, which has not yet scored.
In celebration of the tournament’s 60th anniversary, the sixteenth edition of the tournament will be played next year in 12 countries. The qualifiers have 55 teams in contention, including Kosovo’s first appearance. They were divided into ten groups with five or six participants who will face each other in turn and return. In the end, the top two will have their classification guaranteed.The remaining four places will be contested by the 16 group winners in the four versions of the European League of Nations which had their first edition played in 2018. In case the winners also get a place in the playoffs, their place in the playoffs that will define the last participants of the tournament. Euro 2020 will be occupied by the team that took the next position in their tournament key. The final battle will take place in March next year, just before the start of the Euro Cup, which is scheduled for June 12 to July 12. The final will be in England.


Norwegians, however, will have to produce results above expectations to reverse the situation. This is because they have faced Romanians and Swedes in their domains and could not win.Against Sweden, in the first of the double matches in March, they were 3-3. Against Romania, in the June commitments, the equality by 2-2. Thus, to waste points against rivals of the lower block as Malta is out question for those who want to get the rating.Against the Faroe Islands, another team in this range, Norway did their duty by making it 2-0. The only defeat of the team was against Spain, on rival soil, 2-1, in the opening day.


In the case of Malta, getting the rating was certainly not in the plans nor the most optimistic of the members of the technical commission. The very modest selection simply aims to avoid getting in the flashlight.In this sense, he took an important step by winning the home game against the Faroe Islands 2-1. Now, he will have to defend that advantage in the return match. While the decisive match of this particular knockout is not enough, the other games on the calendar are used as preparation and the goal is to avoid thrashing.Against Spain, at home, Malta was even successful. They lost only 2-0. However, in the double journey of June, they did not perform the same against Sweden (3-0, away) and Romania (4-0, home).

Football Prediction of the Day Norway vs Malta

There is no margin for risk guessing in this confrontation. Rather technically superior, the Malta squad is forecasting their success against Malta as the best guess for Thursday’s match for Euro 2020 qualifying round five.

Bet Tips: Norway
Odds: 1.06