On the 7th match day in Belarus Energetik BGU Minsk receives FK Smolevichi. On May 1st, 2020 at 3:00 p.m. CET, this game will kick off in the RTsOP-BGU stadium.
This pairing has only occurred four times since Smolevichi only rose to the top notch this season.
After 6 match days, the team from Minsk in Vyshejschaja Liha, 8th with 9 points and Smolevichi with 3 points only 15th place in the table.
In order to be able to provide you with a detailed prediction about the game and well-founded information about the most lucrative betting variants, experts subjected both teams to a detailed analysis.
In the betting tips and forecasts you will also find an extensive odds comparison so that you can get the most out of your betting tips.

Energetik BGU

But it must be said right away that they are only slightly favored. Energetik BGU Minsk won their first 3 championship games and lost the last 3.
The overall goal balance is 6: 7. They decided 2 games in front of a home crowd and lost only 1. They scored five times in these 3 home games and allowed 2 points.
Only 1 win away was possible and they surrendered twice. They only finished once, but they conceded 5 goals. In general, they presented themselves more strongly in 2020 at the home stadium than in 2019.
They only rose in the past season. You won only 4 out of 15 home games in 2019 and lost 6.
They were good for 5 draws. However, they only scored 24 times and conceded 28 goals. The team from Minsk has been coached by Vladimir Belyavski since January 11, 2017, who has an average success rate of 1.59 PPS. He has never won against Smolevichi.
He was defeated as a coach in two games. In general, Energetik BGU Minsk had had little success against Smolevichi. They only won 1-0 at home against Smolevichi on 16.07.2016. With 1: 0 each, they lost the following 3 games.
These were between October 29, 2016 and September 9, 2017. However, these 4 games took place in the 2nd division of Belarus. As a result, they have never met in the strongest football league in Belarus.


The fact is that the last direct duel was about 3 years ago. In the form analysis by BGU Minsk, we have already written extensively about the direct duels.
FK Smolevichi only rose to Vysheyshaya Liha this year. To date, they have not been able to celebrate a single victory. 3 draws and 3 losses and a total goal record of 3: 7 were brought in.
They were better away away with 2 draws and 1 loss, but they only scored twice while taking 3 points. In front of their home crowd, they could only make 1 draw and surrendered twice.
However, the goal balance of 1: 4 is even weaker than the goal balance abroad. Nevertheless, they were already able to beat the reigning Belarusian champions Dynamo Brest 1-1 and buy the throne cup winner Soligorsk 0-0 in the home stadium.
In 2019 they showed themselves very strong in the Pershaja Liga, the second strongest football league in Belasus. You won 10 games and lost only 1 game.
They were satisfied with a draw three times. They scored 31 times in 14 away games and allowed 5 points. Of course, these results say little about the performance in the strongest league, but they should be a bit of a guide that is possible in this team. Aleksandr Brazevich has headed the sporting skills at Smolevichi since December 18, 2017. The average success rate of the 46-year-old trainer is 1.09 PPS. He has never played a game against BGU Minsk or their coach. Almost all new territory.
Their squad is only a tad weaker than that of Energetik BGU Minsk. Accordingly, a win or a draw could even go out.

Football Prediction of the Day Energetik BGU vs Smolevichi

In this game we dare to recommend an outsider bet, namely a tip 2.
Since a draw cannot be ruled out, we advise a double chance tip X / 2 bet.
In the over / under bets we would bet on under 2.5 goals and further place a no on both teams.
Accordingly, even a tip 2 wins to zero would come into question, although this betting variant involves some risk, but the direct duels allow such a bet.

Bet Tips: Energetik BGU

Odds: 2.40