Tottenham vs PSV Eindhoven Free Betting Tips 06/11

Tottenham vs PSV Eindhoven Betting Tips

With the losses against Inter and Barcelona in the group play, one is now pelted until the series turns. However, you have the chance to move on if you win your remaining matches, you may be able to continue with another loss. It depends a lot on the results in the group’s other matches. This year’s group game has been three games of frustration and lost points. Towards Inter led 86 minutes into the game, with the home team turning around for four minutes. Home against Barcelona stood 2-3 and was nervous until the 90th, when Messi decided to score 2-4. In the last round, led to PSV until the goalkeeper Lloris was expelled and De Jong could put 2-2 at the end. A clear trend, therefore, Tottenham has lost at the end of the matches. If they have a chance to move on, they must score points from their remaining matches.
In this group, Dutch should not have a chance to move on from the group. As you scored home in the last round, their chances are purple big as for Tottenham. If you succeed in winning here and Inter losing against leading Barcelona you can get two raving matches that will determine the group’s outcome. In case of loss it is over and, if you play a draw, you set it for both yourself and Tottenham. Much depends on whether Barcelona wins his match against Inter or not. Should Inter win, the road to the final game is very long and chancesome.

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Bet Tips: Tottenham

Odds: 1.39



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