Uzbekistan vs Oman Free Betting Tips 09.01.2019

The Uzbekistan and Oman teams close on Wednesday, January 9, the first round of group F of the 2019 Asian Cup, which is being played in the United Arab Emirates. The match will be played at the Sharjah Stadium in Sharjah, kicking off at 11:30 AM.The key also counts with teams from Japan and Turkmenistan. The teams will face each other in a single round and at the end of the three rounds the top two will take their place in the round of 16. Whoever completes the race in third place will still have a chance to survive. For this, however, will have to be one of the top four among the top six placed in the comparison of all groups in the first phase.


The Uzbekistan squad managed to qualify for the last stage of the Asian qualifiers for the 2018 World Cup in Russia. It could not take the final step very little. He reached 13 points (four wins, one draw and five losses) and was placed fourth in key A.The scoring was the same as Syria, who took advantage of the tiebreaker criteria and thus advanced to the recap. Despite being out of the World Cup, the Uzbeks, for their participation in the tournament, secured a place in the final phase of the Asian Cup and thus had the opportunity to start their preparations for the tournament a little earlier.She had 11 friendly games. The team won only two of them. He surpassed North Korea (2 to 0) and Qatar (2 to 0). It drew with Senegal (1 to 1), North Korea (2 to 2), Syria (1 to 1) and Lebanon (1 to 1). He lost to United Arab Emirates (1-0), Morocco (2 to 0), Iran (1 to 0), Uruguay (3 to 0), Iran (1 to 0) and South Korea (4 to 0).


Oman got off the bus an earlier season in the Asian qualifiers for the 2018 World Cup. He was eliminated in the second round with second place in Group D, defeated by Iran with 20 points. As he had only 14 points (four wins, two draws and two losses), he was unsuccessful in the recap between the group runners-up.That forced the selection to go through the sieve of the qualifiers to get their place in the United Arab Emirates. In this fight, he found no major problems. In group D, he had 15 (five wins and one loss) of the 18 points he had scored 28 goals and conceded five. The score was the same as in Palestine, which because it was a disadvantage in the tiebreaker criteria came in second place.With the qualifiers ending in March, Oman set his preparations with 11 friendly games until early January of this year. He beat Bahrain (2 to 1), Tajikistan (2 to 1 and 1 to 0) and Thailand (2 to 0) in the final test on the last day. He drew with Lebanon (0-0), Jordan (0-0) Philippines (1 to 1), Ecuador (0 to 0), Syria (1 to 1) and India (0 to 0). He suffered only one defeat, however, blunt. The team was beaten 5-0 by Australia.

Football Prediction of the Day Uzbekistan vs Oman

The selections had five meetings. Uzbekistan won the first of them. The next four were won by Oman. The most recent were two friendlies held in May 2014, both by 1 to 0.The friendly series showed two teams in search of evolution facing teams of their level or higher. Uzbekistan made no exceptions in this path and therefore presented somewhat lower results. Oman has faced some selections that are slightly below his standard. So it had a greater success rate. However, both teams showed chasing establish a fairly similar game pattern based on strong defense leaving the attack in the background. This makes the prognosis in equality a good option for Wednesday’s meeting.

Bet Tips: Uzbekistan

Odds: 2.00

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