Dota 2 is one of the most popular electronic game titles of all time. With followers worldwide, slowly and surely it has become the most award-winning game in the entire industry.
Not everyone knows what the Dota 2 game means, which is why we provide all the basic information you need to know about the game.
The game is free and can be downloaded from the Steam platform. All you have to do is create a free account on this platform and then install the game.

🕹Dota 2, the most awarded game in the history of electronic sports

The video game industry has grown significantly from year to year, involving staggering amounts of billions of dollars.
By 2022, the producers expect the market to expand and to be worth about $ 2 billion.
An important part of sponsors return the service and invest money in electronic games contests.
The International is the most awarded competition in the history of electronic games dating back to the early 2000s.
In the last five years, Dota 2 players have grown rich.
The best teams participated in competitions with a total value of over 200 million dollars.
34.33 of these millions were beaten at The International 2019, a contest organized in Shanghai (China).
15.62 million returned to those from OG, who finished in 1st place.

🕹Top tournaments in electronic sports money

▪️The International 2019 – $ 34.33 million
▪️The International 2018 – 25.53
▪️The International 2017 – 24.68
▪️The International 2016 – 20.77
▪️The International 2015 – 18.42
Fortnite World Cup finals 2019 (solo) – 15.28

Team Secret is currently the first place team in the overall ranking of DotA 2. It has 1359 points and is followed by Vici Gaming and Evil Geniuses.

🕹DotA Ranking 2

▪️Team Secret – 1359 points
▪️Vici Gaming – 1286
▪️Evil Geniuses – 1246
▪️Invictus Gaming – 1245
▪️Fnatic – 1217

🕹DotA 2 bets online

The evolution of electronic sports has allowed them to be adopted by the gambling industry.
This can be explained by the presence of games like Dota 2 in the offer of the most popular betting agencies.Tournaments organized almost weekly are listed on bets, some of them can even be watched on the livestreaming provided by these sites.Although they are electronic sports, the offer is varied.At least 7 such DotA 2 Bets are available for each match.The “WeSave! Charity Play ”is in full swing these days, for each duel you can opt for bets such as match winner, map winner 1, map winner 2.
Other DotA 2 Bets that are part of Betano offer are those as total maps, handicap match, first to X kills on the map.

🕹What is Dota 2

Dota 2 is part of the online multiplayer fighting family in the arena.
It combines elements of strategy games and real-time defense-based games.
Like the League of Legends game, Dota 2 was largely inspired by Warcraft III or Defense of the Ancients.
The game has as a developer the company Valve, recognized worldwide for the emergence of exceptional electronic games.
A success of the game was due to Icefrog company, which continued its collaboration with Valve for this game.
For the most part, Dota 2 is a fighting game between two teams of five players, each controlling one hero.
There are over one hundred heroes to choose from and with which to destroy the enemy base.
Gaining gold and experience, these heroes are growing more and more, eventually becoming extremely competitive.

🕹How to play DotA 2

In short, DotA 2 means destroying his enemy base before he does this.
Two teams of five players can choose from a variety of over one hundred unique heroes.
These heroes are divided into three major categories: power, intelligence and agility.
Each of them contributes to one extent or another in the fight.
The force ones are called “tank” in the world of this game and that’s because they have to be in the first line, resistant to the hits received.
Agility heroes have as their main purpose to buy objects that increase their speed and attack power. With fewer life points, they compensate by speeding up an attack.
The last and not the last category is that of the heroes of intelligence.
An intelligence hero can vary from an aggressive one to a very good one in the defense phase, but overall his contribution is very important.

🏆Gold and intelligence make a difference

Each hero, regardless of the category he belongs to, has four abilities that define him, but the most powerful one is “completed”.
This ability becomes activated once the hero reaches level 6. To do this he must accumulate enough experience points, which he can collect by killing enemy units or creatures of the forest.On the left of the game screen the game map, in which there are three colors, each having three defensive towers.These are to repel and knock down enemy units. Once these creatures arrive within the range of action towers, they are attacked, bringing experience and gold to the team.Gold is very important for the purchase of objects, and the intelligence to climb the hero to a higher level.

🕹What a hero

The hero is a unit that the player controls. Each of the DotA heroes is unique in its own way, and the performance it can achieve is dependent on the one beyond the screen. For this reason, the best DotA 2 players in the world are considered geniuses. The game involves computing skills, their decisions being taken within a few seconds.There are over 100 heroes available, they are distributed in three major categories: strength, agility and intelligence.

🕹What are points intelligence points and how it helps you

Intelligence points are very important and allow the hero to reach maximum level 25. A level is reached when exactly the required number of intelligence points is accumulated to increase the power of the abilities. There are three abilities listed as normal and one special. Normal abilities can reach level four, and the special one, called “completed” players, reaches level 3. Activating them during the game costs hand points and has a reload period that varies from one hero to another. and by hand are displayed on green, respectively blue background, as well as the exact value of their regeneration per second.

🕹What is an item and its importance in the development of the game

A DotA 2 item is an object that contributes to the hero’s development.
As I mentioned earlier, a hero can be of strength, agility or intelligence.
To make the most of these qualities, he needs the right build.
Thus he must buy the right object according to the hero or the opponents situation.
A hero can carry six such objects. These elements are activated according to the situation that the game requires, at the right time. Setting up the keys quickly can help you do this in a timely manner and so the use of objects is handy. Their purchase can be made from existing stores in the forest or from the fountain from their own base.

🕹How to make gold and experience in Dota 2

Being a strategy game, the ways of developing and taking the hero to another level are different. First of all you need to collect as much gold as possible to buy the right items for your hero and to help him deal with it later. Both the gold and the experience come from creepies, the creatures generated from both bases or those already existing in the forest.If in the League of Legends these creatures are called minions, in DotA 2 they are called crepes.
They are of many kinds and their killing brings a lot of money to the one who does it. It also contributes to the assault on enemy towers. These crepes can be of several types: melee, range, siege, neutral.

🕹Distribution of crepes


Life points: 550
Armor: 2
Strength of attack: 19-23
Gold value: 34-41
Experience generated: 57


Life points: 300
Hand points: 500
Armor: 0
Strength of attack: 21-26
Gold value: 50-56
Experience generated: 69


Life points: 875
Strength of attack: 35-46
Magic resistance: 80%
Gold value: 66-80
Experience generated: 88
Additional power to destroy buildings: 250%


He resurrects every minute in the special spots in the forest
Attack the hero when attacked